Some say that when you’ve found your soulmate, everything in the relationship will be effortless. But in reality nothing is effortless, especially relationships. And to truly preserve the relationship, we must be teammates with our soulmate.

To be a good teammate, here are a few things that we could do:

No one should ever hear anything bad about your spouse from you.

It’s no secret that after the honeymoon phase, certain things change. Most of what happens is that we get to notice the not-so-sweet side of our spouse. Certain traits might show up that we’re not particularly fond of, which some can’t help but complain about to others.
Things like these should never leave the bedroom.
It’s one thing to joke about trivial things regarding our spouse. But it’s totally different when it’s done to demean our spouse’s character.
Know the difference and always discuss the latter with your spouse and no one else

Over communicate.

Myths say that soulmates can know what the other thinks, wants, or dislikes. When actually nobody in this world is an actual mind reader. People can just guess, but there’s no guaranty that the guess is 100% accurate all the time.
Therefore, never assume that your spouse knows what you meant and vice versa. If none of you specified what you meant, then give each other the benefit of the doubt when miscommunications happen. Double check if necessary.

Be each other’s champion.

When something good happens, celebrate together. Bring home something to celebrate together with, may it be take away food or drinks after receiving good news from the office or such.
Back each other up when engaging in that battle with your raging toddler, or some other problem that the other is facing through. Work it out together, discuss.
And the most important thing, Never cut your spouse down when they’re struggling. They need you more than ever in times like those.

Be grateful for each other’s contributions.

Whether it be money, time, shores, childcare, or anything else, no one’s contribution is greater than the other. So don’t keep score either. You’re both in the same team so never play against each other, but always stay side by side supporting your spouse.
If you truly value each other’s input, the scoreboard should not—and will never—matter.

Trust and respect each other.

This is easier said than done. Trust that things they tell you when correcting you is out of love for you and to help you be a better version of yourself.
Also show respect towards your spouse especially in front of others, including your children. If you don’t respect your spouse in front of other people, then why should they respect your spouse as well?

Try new things together.

Even if one of you is typically more adventurous than the other, just have fun in trying a new thing together. May it be an activity or a new cuisine.
Trying new things gets your spouse out of their comfort zone and leaving that is often easier as a couple. Experiencing new things like this together allows you both to grow stronger together.

Life voyage is never smooth sailing. Unforgiving waves will surely come, testing the strength of your ship. And it takes great teamwork to get through the storm. So remember to always be a good teammate to your soulmate. Just like Jack Johnson’s song,

“It’s not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving. But I’ll tell you one thing: It’s always better when we’re together.”

Jack Johnson

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