Preparing for a wedding is a long and tiring proses which takes more than six months—even up to a year—here in Depok. And after finishing a lot of things, me and my fiancé realized that we haven’t even picked out our wedding rings yet! Since we were already confused with what we estimated would be a big budget for jewelry if we were to look for it in Jakarta, I turned to the web to search for how to find best budget wedding rings.

A lot of options were available, such as getting it from out of town—like Jogja—to get it cheaper, or opt for a silver material to save cost. Now, going to another city to survey rings would be a press in our budget as well so I suggested to go with silver. But the look on my fiancé’s face when I told her that really showed that she wasn’t happy about the idea. So my findings told me to go to Cikini.

One of The Simple Ring Ideas We Went Looking For In Cikini

When we got to Cikini, we were overwhelmed with the abundance of stores there and spent the whole day just looking for good bargains on unique designs. Alas, we couldn’t found any unique ones since everything just seems repetitive in each store and nothing really stood out for us. It really showed in my fiancé’s eyes how differently her eyes sparkled when we went to survey in Senayan. This made my heart drop. I want her eyes to sparkle when she sees our wedding ring, and we just can’t find the perfect fit unique design and budget wise, since it’s really important for me to have savings for future expanses too. So for the last time I went back to the web to search for ideas.

Then, I found this modern pair ring, created in Hong Kong with international standard, trusted quality gold percentage, and accepts selling by gram. I literally just struck gold! The design is called “Chic Classic” in the store. The deal is it’s a basic ring, no diamonds, no changes on the design, which was fine by me cause frankly my fiancé did want it simply elegant looking, plain, without diamonds, 18K white gold—budget friendly. I cannot lower its standard anymore. And being a man, well I really don’t wanna hassle about it that much. So we went to the store, took the deal, and got our fingers measured to have the rings produced.

The only thing I want to complain about—if I may—is that the production time took 1 month. But then again, since we were on a budget and this saved us around 5 milllion rupiah, I guess it was worth the wait. Sort of like saving 170 thousand rupiah per day of me waiting. Hahaha.

After a month, the ring came it was pretty and simple.

We finished the inquiry and since we bought it per gram, it saved us extra budget. My fiancé is still very keen on making it unique though, so we decided to specially engrave our rings. Now word engraving is sorta basic and we wanted it unique, so I asked to engrave my fiancé’s photo in my ring, and my fiancé wanted our finger prints, proof of the marriage contact. Finally I caved and agreed to go with the finger prints, as husband is the head of the family, the wife is the neck. Where the neck turns, the head follows. So in the end we did get the finger prints. And maybe in the future if we can buy the next ring, I want to convince my wife to get the one with our pictures in it.

Ring with finger print engraved inside.
Finger Print Engrave Idea. As Proof of Marriage Contract.

This special engraving costs a little bit extra, 500 thousan rupiah, and it was totally optional. Not mandatory for every purchase. We just wanted to make our simple ring unique inside, for me and my wife to know, so we took from our extra budget 500 thousand to have the finger prints inside, making our wedding ring perfect.

This is my story of planning my wedding and our unique very very well budget fit wedding ring. Which also if someday we need to sell, I’m sure it’ll get strong value or even higher if the gold price increases. As it always will

I consider this as my perfect wedding ring, and hopefully in the next future I can get her another unique wedding ring from this same company also.

Cikini price, Senayan quality. Uniquely engraved, I can’t expect less.

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