Frequently Asked Question:

Which items that is allowed for buyback?
Items that purchased from our official website only and it must be returned in reusable condition. This buyback policy is not applicable for products that are ordered with specific indications like customization, custom 3D design, and purchase using promotion code or by discount coupon. Buyback request can be done by informing our customer care team via email. We will thereby collect the product and initiate the process immediately.

How much can I expect to receive for my diamond jewelry?
The Buyback policy is based on giving the fair value of jewelry and diamonds. We will offer you up to 85% from our jewelry price. TIARIA reserves the right to calculate the buyback amount of the product depending on the final evaluation by our Quality Assurance team.

When can I expect to be paid?
Process will be take time about 30 business days. (Including 15 for Quality Assurance team to examine your product and 15 to process the payment) Payment will be added to your account after.

What happens if I’ve lost my certificate card?
Product should be accompanied with Original Product Certificate and Original/Copy of Invoice for the refund to be initiated. If you do not have the original, or it has been damaged, you can still receive an offer by shipping your item to us first.

Who paid for the shipping cost?
The recipient or purchaser will be responsible for all return shipping and insurance fees.

What if my jewelry lost or damaged on delivery?
TIARIA would not be responsible for any lost or damage on delivery. TIARIA strongly recommend buyer to choose shipping with insurance service according to the value of your jewelry.



Buy Back Procedure

Please inform our customer care team via email or call. Provide your information and TIARIA representative will contact you to give you an offer.

Once you approve the offer, you could ship your jewelry to our buyback team address to be checked.

Once the product is received, it will be examined and confirmed by our Quality Assurance team. Process will take time up to 15 working days. And the quality confirmation checking cost shall be borne by the customer, which include and not limited to those listed below .

Jewelry General Test :

  • 500.000 – 2.000.000 metal test
  • 0.01 crt or smaller diamond test cost 200.000/piece
  • 0.01 crt – 0.05 crt diamond test cost 500.000/ piece
  • 0.05 crt – 0.1 crt diamond test cost 600.000/ piece
  • 0.1 crt – 0.15 crt diamond test cost 1.500.000/ piece
  • 0.15 crt – 0.20 crt diamond test cost 2.000.000/ piece
  • 0.20 + crt diamond test cost shall be individually quoted
  • For certain gemstone test shall follow further notice

Payment typically received in your account 15 business days after the product examination process end. Our team will inform you the evaluation results and the payment process.

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